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What to look for When Choosing PVC Doors And Windows

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Here we would like to talk about the key factors you should be considering when purchasing new PVC windows and doors. As it is a long-term investment for your home and it will have a significant impact on the vitality efficiency of your home, hence it has to be just right in terms of pricing and quality. Factors like strength, durability, ease of maintenance and comfort play a key role in making the selection.

With so many PVC products on the market and most of the products looking alike, the question is, what are the checkpoints for each component of PVC doors and windows, so you will able to make the correct choice.

Tips for choosing PVC doors and windows

The PVC profiles:

The quality and durability of the PVC windows and doors depend on the number of chambers and the steel reinforcement of the profile. We advise that you look for:

  • Lead-free profiles

  • The width of each section of the profile should range between 2.2 and 3 millimetres, which will guarantee stability

  • The profile should be resistant to cracking and flaking

  • The material of the profile should be flame-retardant and resistant to sustained exposure to fire

  • The profile is designed with a rain-track, allowing the water to flow outwards

  • The steel reinforcement material should be corrosion-resistant galvanised steel with a thickness ranging between 1 and 3 millimetres

UV resistance:

Due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, PVC profiles tend to discolour or get yellowish (the white colour profiles), therefore the UV resistance of the PVC profile is a factor you should be looking for. How to check whether the profile is resistant to UV radiation?
The key ingredient ensuring the colour stability of the PVC profile is Titanium dioxide (a quite expensive additive to the PVC resin). The proportion present of Titanium dioxide in the profile should be 2.5 per cent of the weight of the profile.

Sound Insulation:

Sound pollution has a terrible effect on one’s health and also can lead to long term health issues. To improve the acoustic of your home, consider double or triple-glazed windows, and viable fixing of the window with silicone sealants and Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM ) flexible gaskets.


Good PVC windows and doors must join quality equipment alongside a covered bolting framework. If you are looking for optimum security of your home, we suggest you consider the following factors:

  • Handles, hinges, friction stays and screws used for your PVC windows and doors should be from premium-quality steel that does not rust or corrode.

  • Espagnolette locking system – it comprises a flat metal strip that runs up the locking side of a window. It locks and unlocks at the turn of a handle.

  • Multi-point locking system which locks at multiple points at the turn of a key.

  • Note that the quality of the glass of the window, also play an important part for your house security, therefore consider double-glazed laminated doors and windows because the glass is very difficult to break.


Good manufacturers of PVC profiles will provide a warranty of at least 10 years on the profiles. They will also provide a one-year warranty on the hardware. Also, it is important the producer of PVC windows and doors to provides post-purchase and installation services, such as quick response to resolving sudden issues like broken handles, realignment of windows, matters in the sliders or rollers for sliding windows, supplant the broken glass, broken pivot etc.

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