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How to clean and maintain my PVC joinery

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After you have purchased your PVC windows joinery from reputable brands and you have installed it, you should learn how to maintain it properly so you get the most out of your new PVC windows. Here we would like to give you some useful tips on how to clean & maintain PVC windows and doors that you can follow, so you can maintain your PVC windows effectively.  Regular cleaning and maintenance procedures of the PVC windows and doors are very essential for keeping them in top working condition.


Remove the protective tape from the outside of the joinery no later than 2 weeks after installation. The glue on the underside of the tape can leave traces on the windows under the influence of weather conditions. It can then be difficult or even impossible to clear them.

Cleaning the frame

It is recommended to clean your PVC window frames at least twice a year. А regular cleaning will avoid layering of dirt on the PVC joinery and will make this task easier each time you perform it. Start the cleaning of your windows by using a paintbrush to loosen any dust, dirt and cobwebs. When this is done, then use the hose on a vacuum cleaner to clear it all away. Then in a bowl with warm water add and mix some washing liquid. For wiping down, your  PVC window frames use a soft white cloth. Don’t use coloured cloth in case the dye comes off onto the plastic window.  Also avoid using any harsh chemical cleaners or abrasive cloths, sponges and creams. When cleaning the joinery, pay attention in particular around the very edges where the window sits inside the outer frame.

If the dirt is particularly stubborn, try a top grade solvent PVC cleaner, which can usually be purchased from a local hardware shop, but be careful not to use it on the silicone seals as they may begin to lift away.

Cleaning windows drainage holes

Drainage holes must be regularly cleaned of dust and other contaminants that build up over time to perform their function.


It is recommended to lubricate the working parts of your windows every six months (the handles, the locking systems and, in particular, the hinges), thus you will keep all moving parts of your windows system in top condition and everything will operating easily. Use lubricants or fine machine oil for metal parts - always according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Regular care of the windows allows you to prevent damage and to preserve the most important qualities of your new windows over time.

Cleaning the glazing

Whether single or double glazing, of course, both types require more frequent cleaning. It is recommended that you first remove the dust with a damp cloth before using detergent. Cleaning a dirty window directly with detergent usually does not lead to good results, but rather only smears the dirt. Nowadays, there are many ways to clean single or double-glazed windows - starting with a wide selection of glass cleaners, glass cleaning robots, microfiber towels, or even using old newspapers as our grandmothers did in the past.

Using a microfiber cloth is an excellent option, especially if you want to avoid cleaning products. They are gentle on both the glass and the profile, do not leave fibres, do not damage delicate surfaces of the windows and can polish the glass to a perfect shine.

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