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PVC & Aluminum Joinery Installation

Production and installation of windows and doors from PVC and Aluminum profiles, with single glass, double or triple glazing.
Speed service, high quality and competitive prices!
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Removing of PVC & Wooden Windows

Replacement of damaged PVC and aluminium doors and windows, or wooden joinery. Plastering and shaping after replacement.
Complete service so you can save time and money!

Odoo - образец 1 за три графи

Technical advice & Consultation

Professional advice when choosing aluminium  and PVC profiles, blinds, and awnings.

FREE service to help you make the right choice!
Odoo - образец 1 за три графи

Repair & Replacing of Components

* Damaged aluminum and PVC windows and doors;
* Seals for Aluminium or PVC windows;
* Glazing replacement;
* Repair or replacement of mechanical parts
*Repair or replacement of awnings & mosquito nets;


ALPROEKT works with profiles of INOUTIC

Guaranteed German quality from one of the leading manufacturers of PVC profiles in Europe! High Quality at Competitive Prices!  


ALPROEKT does not compromise on quality!

ALUMIL profiles - 30 years of experience and proven quality from one of the best manufacturers of aluminium windows and patio doors.  


ALPROEKT uses only the highest quality materials from proven manufacturers and favourable prices for its customers.

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Roller Shutters

The exterior roller shutters will improve the protection of your home, and reduce your costs for heating and cooling it.

Horizontal Blinds

Specially designed, new generation of blinds for PVC, Aluminum and Wood joinery. Make your home stylish and modern!


The awnings are a solution that will make your terrace or porch more pleasant to use during the hot summer months.

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