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Types of glazing for windows and doors / part 1

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Often people ignore the importance of the windows and doors as an essential part of a house. The reality is that from keeping your home secure, protect it against the harsh elements of Nature, to letting in sunlight and ventilation — these fixtures do it all. But just installing PVC or aluminium doors and windows is not enough. It’s also important to properly glaze them. Nowadays there are so many types of glazing for different kinds of windows and doors offered on the market, so you need to do research and gather knowledge to be able to choose the best glazing option for your home. With this article, we would like to help you make the right choice.

Why is the glazing so important

The bigger part of your windows is glazing. Therefore the glazing is of the utmost importance when talking of minimizing heat loss, air leakage, and lower condensation. More than that, good glazing will help you cut down on your energy consumption drastically because it makes your home more energy-efficient by reducing heat transfer.

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Single Glass Glazing

The single glazing is made up of just one layer of glass. It was very popular and used for many years, but global warming, the increasing costs for heating and cooling increased the need for efficiency. This level of efficiency could not be provided by the single glass glazing, as the single glazing provides very little energy efficiency with only an R-1 insulating value, and as a result of that its popularity dwindled. Generally, the thickness of the single glass ranges from 3/32” to 9/16”, and solar energy – both light and heat– easily passes through this glass making the energy loss considerable.

The single glazing is still in use, and people still buy it because it is cheaper to install. However, we would like to advise you not to get influenced by the pricing when planning the glazing of your windows and doors, as in the long run, the cheaper single glazing may cost you more to heat and cool your household.  

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Double Glass Glazing

The double glass glazing is consisting of two panes of glass, and it is proven that windows with this type of glazing increase insulation of your home, but also will reduce street noise to a large extent. They also retain heat and keep out the cold more effectively and efficiently than the single glass windows. With the double glazing, you will not only save energy, thus reducing your cost for heating or cooling your home but you will also help preserve Nature, by leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

The best part is that such a window or door lets in as much light as a single glazed one and the extra space between the glass acts as additional insulation. 

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Triple Glass Glazing

The triple glazing is considered the most energy-efficient glazing option. This kind of glazing is very popular in urban homes. Triple glazing consists of three panes of glass and the extra pane help in increasing efficiency of heat and sound insulation.

If your house is located in an area of colder climate where a big part of the year you need to heat your living space, or your home is located in noisy urban areas - the triple glazing is the perfect choice for you as It will help you keep more heat in your home and the cold air out, or to reduce street noise transmission to a huge extent, thus increasing your life comfort.

Triple glazed windows and doors are a great option for people who are concerned about both the economy and the environment. 

These are the three basic types of glazing for windows and doors. In part two of this article, we shall go through the different types of glass available on the market, so you will be able to select the most appropriate type of glass for the glazing of your home.

To be continued....  

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